The Club

Kristiansund Ballklubb is one of the youngest clubs in Eliteserien, but also one of the most passionate.

A region rich in football culture

Kristiansund have for almost 100 years been home to a football community that have contributed to a huge interest for the sport in the town and surrounding region. We can mention today's current teams; Clausenenga FK (CFK), Dahle, Goma, Kristiansund FK (KFK), Nordlandet and Frei.

KBK takes 1st place on Kristiansund Stadium in 2016

In prior periods some of the teams approached national peak, but in recent years Kristiansund have been underrepresented in the national football league. This primarily reflects an increasingly strong national competition, but the main issue were located in the vastness and diversity of teams and competition in the local football arena. Great players moved out and started playing for other teams in Norway and abroad.

Based on this brief history, it should be proven that we in our region can create talents that can help shape a national top team in the long term.

One uniting club

This has certainly also been the background that in the past 20-30 years have been several attempts to pooling resources - primarily on the A team. As a result of the strong club feeling like all clubs have built up over a long time, this has stopped most attempts.

During 2002 and 2003 we felt the need for joint investment was stronger than ever, not least as a result of several years of weak sporting results in the region. Players, coaches and managers have done their best, but it has not been easy when most of the top tier players disappear before they have established themselves on the local teams.

The steady accumulation of new clubs had depleted our local player base, and a new strategy had to be prepared. The breakthrough came when SpareBank 1 Nordvest (local branch of SpareBank 1) presented its contribution for such a strategy change.

Trough enthusiasm and success KBK have given new life to Nordmøre

— Hans Mellemsæther, marketing manager Sparebank 1 Nordvest

Under the assumption that the two largest clubs in Kristiansund, CFK and KFK, collaborated on a joint football club, the bank would invest 2.250.000,- in the development of a uniting club for Nordmøre. The result was the establishment of Kristiansund Ballklubb in 2003.

One way to the top

Since the breakthrough and establishing of Kristiansund Ballklubb the football community has seen the rise of Kristiansund and Nordmøre as a football team to be reckoned with.

The club has seen a steady climb on the charts, moving from 3d to 2nd division after only two seasons, and played itself to OBOS-ligaen in 2012.

7 - Trygve Joakimsen.jpg
Unity, enthusiasm and pure love for the club

The team builds on the values ​​that are so important to the region, that we all stand together and work with enthusiasm towards a common goal. This has proven to be a success factor for KBK, something we've seen in the club's growth.

In 2016 Kristiansund Ballklubb took 1st place and gold in OBOS-ligaen, securing a place in Eliteserien in 2017 - the absolute top in the Norwegian football scene. Since then Kristiansund Ballklubb have establish themselves as a top norwegian football club. With 7. place, 5. place, 6. place, 5. place and 6. place in the following years. 

This is a huge journey from the small beginnings in 2003, and has proved that Kristiansund and Nordmøre can make the impossible possible when they stand together. 

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